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The largest Pink Diamond uncovered till today!

Lulo Rose, the 170 carat Pink diamond uncovered by Lucapa Diamond in its Lulo mine, Angola is the largest diamond found in the most commercially chased colour!

This Type 2A diamond is the fifth-largest diamond from Lulo, and the deposit’s 27th over 100 carats since commercial production began in 2015.

Lucapa plans to sell the diamond through an international tender conducted by Angolan state diamond-marketing company Sodiam, it noted.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare - but the same physical attributes that make the stones scarce also make them very tough, and not easy to work into shapes.

This stone is unlikely to end up on public view - or even brought to auction - as retailers have clients waiting to snap up such a rare find.

The largest known pink diamond is the Daria-i-Noor, discovered in India, which experts believe was cut from an even larger stone. it sits currently in the Iranian Crown Jewels collection of the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran and weights 185 carat (polished!)

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