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Discovery of an exceptional 29 carat pink diamond!

A pink diamond recovery is exceptional due to its chemical and physical properties, most of them are found in mines deep down in to the earth’s mantle.

This 29.52 carat pink diamond is even more rare since it has been discovered in an ancient river terrace of the middle Orange river where it was trapped. How comes it was there?

Remember there are 3 ways to mine diamonds, first one is to dig deep into the earth’s mantle to recover the diamond in its kimberlite mantle, the second way is alluvial mining where the diamonds has been washed through time from the mountains to the rivers, and the last one is in ocean deposit, where the diamonds are just suck up from the bottom of the ocean to be recovered.

This pink diamond of Type II has been carried for 500Km down the river from its upper mountains in Lesotho and should be formed 90 millions years ago.

This makes an important discovery for this junior alluvial miner earlier this year.

On 30 june 2023, the diamond, named Protea Pink, named after South Africa's national flower, has been sold by Pioneer Diamond Tender House for 8 millions!

Alluvial mining always have the highest and most consistent value-per-carat diamond supply in the world!

Reasons are because during its journey to the river banks, the diamonds has been washed off the impurities, cracks it should have and during time, it mostly sustain a internal flawless diamond.

a video from Pioneer Diamond Tender House regarding this beautifull Protea Pink Diamond

all images are courtesy of Pioneed Diamond Tender House

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