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The 11.15ct cushion Fancy vivid Pink Diamond SOLD!

Today's expectation were crushed by a 453.300.000 HKD price tag for the Williamson Pink Star!

With a presale estimate of HKD 170 million ($21 million). it almost tripled the yield and show us that pink is still a star among the diamond family!

At 11.15 carats, the Williamson Pink Star is second-largest internally flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond to ever appear at auction. Yielded from a 32-carat rough diamond at the Williamson Mine in Tanzania, the Williamson Pink Star has since been masterfully cut into a dazzling cushion-cut, bringing out the diamond’s innermost beauty to full display.

image courtesy of Sotheby's
image courtesy of Sotheby's

Discovered at the Williamson Mine in Tanzania—the same mine that produced the Queen’s Williamson diamond—the Williamson Pink Star originated as a 32-carat rough diamond bearing the fine “bubblegum” pink hue for which the mine, one of the oldest operating diamond mines in the world, is known.

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