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The Constellation 813 carat result

The cooperation between Nemesis International and De Grisogono that bought in partnership for 63.1 millions USD brought its fruits today!

The 813 carat Constellation Diamond has been studied and expertise since 2016 to today's magnificent Diamond.

a 313 carat Emerald cut, know as Constellation 1, is one of eight diamonds that make up a collection that varies in size and shape, and range in clarity from flawless to internally flawless and VVS.

Constellation 1
"Constellation 1" 313 carat

the most important details is that the Constellation 1, is the largest D-colour polished diamonds in history!

The following diamond in the Constellation family is a 102-carat diamond.

The company is considering a roadshow to display the collection around the world at museums and other platforms. “We want to keep them as a family from the same rough,” said Nemesis International CEO Konema Mwenenge.

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