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The 1758 carat rough from Lucara gets a name! SEWELO

The Sewelo has become a poster child for the Kurowe mine, which has produced a remarkable number of very large stones in its short history, and for Botswana’s diamond mining sector in general.

After being discovered, a competition was held in the southern African nation to name the rough diamond. Some 22,000 entries were received, and the winning one, Sewelo, means rare find” in Setswana, which is the language most widely used in the country.

The name of the diamond was announced in a special ceremony held in July last year, organized by Lucara, in the presence of the Botswana head of state, Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi.

“The largest diamond recovered in Botswana’s history was named by the people of Botswana in a celebration of Botswana’s success,” said Eira Thomas, Lucara’s CEO, speaking at the ceremony. “Lucara is proud to share our achievements with all stakeholders in Karowe and the people of Botswana.”

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