Mid-term news!

To celebrate this amazing first half year of 2017,

We gather this exceptional mine’s discoveries.

The Letšeng mine in Lesotho, one of the highest-value in the world by average price per carat that produced four of the 20 largest gem-quality white diamonds in history.

In 2017, April 9th, Gem Diamonds, the owner of Letšeng mine in Lesotho found a 114ct D-colour, type-II

On 4th may, A 80.58 carat D-colour has been discovered being one of the highest quality diamond they unearthed till nowadays! The diamond is entirely undamaged while mined, making this a significant recovery.

On 23th may, they discovered a 98.42 carat D-colour, type-II, this shows after an unprecedent record of 5 diamonds above 100 carats in 2016 and 11 diamonds above 100 carats in 2015, the mine is declining in producing large stones. This first half year showed a scare for the mine in its ability to deliver big diamonds.

But on 12th June 2017, two diamonds were recovered by Gem Diamonds that are above 100 carats, shifting back into a lucrative mine!

A 151.52 carat diamond that is yellow colour, type-I and a 104.73 carat diamond, D-colour type-IIA.

And finally, last week on 6th July, Gem Diamonds recovered a D-colour, type-IIA diamond having a weight of 126 carat giving back confidence into discovering more beauty from earth!

The world is big, and full of surprises!

Natural diamonds won’t give up its fans and will keep them surprised!

Let’s enjoy every single of them after their cutting and polishing.

Keep in touch!

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