How a diamond becomes a masterpiece?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Yesterday, a New magnificent diamond has been unveiled by Graff Diamonds. The larggest Heart Shape Diamond in the Diamond world!

here is the teaser on Graff Diamonds Instagram

118.78 carat D colour, Flawless , Type IIA, with Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry without Fluorescence. look by yourself!

This magnificent Diamond is coming from a 357 carat rough diamond, The Letseng Dynasty, mined from the famous Letseng mine, GemDiamond Corp., in early 2015 where several of 300Ct up diamonds where unearthed.

It has been sold in Antwerp by GemDiamond Corp by tender at 19.3Millions USD, and after 18 months of analysis, drawing, cutting and polishing, the Graff Venus is born!

Mapping the diamonds through 3D scanning.

The Graff Venus on the Polishing table.

There is another heart shape that is 273.85ct, The De Beers Centenary Diamond, but its shape is a Modified Heart Shape, its slightly different from the Graff Venus as this one has a groove.

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