Petra Diamonds sells 32.33 ct pink diamond for $15m

Petra Diamonds has sold a 32.33 ct exceptional pink diamond for US$15.0 million, or $463 965/ct, to Golden Yellow Diamonds.

The exceptional diamond, receiving $463 965/ct, was recently recovered from Petra Daimonds' Williamson mine in Tanzania, East Africa.

The diamond was purchased by Golden Yellow Diamonds on behalf of M.A. Anavi Diamond Group - a leading diamond manufacturer and specialist in large and unique coloured diamonds.

A 23.16 ct pink diamond recovered by Petra Daimonds from the Williamson mine in November 2015

Petra will receive 10% of the value uplift of the polished diamond.

In December 2015, Petra Diamonds sold another exceptional 23.16 ct pink diamond, also recovered from the Williamson mine, into a partnership deal for $10.05 million, or $433 938/ct, with Golden Yellow Diamonds.

Petra retained a 20% interest in the sales proceeds of the polished diamond.

The Williamson mine, located upon the 146 ha Mwadui kimberlite pipe, is renowned for beautifully rounded white goods and ‘bubblegum’ pink diamonds, including the 23 ct Williamson Pink (54 carat rough stone), which is considered to be one of the finest pink diamonds ever recovered.

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