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how "Letšeng Destiny" becomes "Graff Vendôme"

Last year we discovered a few big diamonds in the Famous Letšeng Diamonds, Lesotho, known for unveiling Large top quality diamonds. In may 2015, Gem Diamonds discovered a 314 carat diamond, exceptional for its colour and clarity. Baptised “Letšeng Destiny”, it has been sold and polished by master polishers in partnership with Graff Diamonds.

courtesy of Graff Diamonds

Months of labour and examinations later, Graff diamonds present the ‘Graff Vendôme” to mark the opening of Graff’s new store at the Place Vendôme in Paris. This D Flawless , pear shape diamond of 105.07 carat comes from “Letšeng Destiny”.

An additional 12 “satellite” diamonds were created from the rough with the largest being 17.10 carats and nine having D flawless quality, the highest color and clarity grading for a colorless diamond.

Further information will be updated later on about the pricing and selling point. My point of view, it will stay with Graff as one of their magnificent collection.

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