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Fancy Red Cushion
Fancy Red Heart shape
Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shape
Mix Russian Rough
Fancy Red Assher Cut
Round diffraction
Princes cut
Fancy Light Pink Oval Shape
Fancy Vivid Yellow Pear Shape
Fancy pink Mix Round
Princess Cut





Purchasing diamonds is an exhilarating experience. Nothing radiates, glitters, and dazzles the eyes like diamonds. 

The hardest and most brilliant stone in the world, diamonds are peerless among all precious gems.

They are the symbol of eternity.   





Antwerp is a colourful city located at the heart of Belgium, well connected with major European cities as well as the rest of the world.  It is renowned for being the World’s Largest Diamond Trading Centre. 

Over 70% of the world’s production of rough, polished and industrial diamonds go through Antwerp. 





Yeung’s Diamond Co is a professional diamond wholesaler in the city of Antwerp with over 38 years of experience.

In the eyes of our clients, we are the icon of excellence, quality, value, honesty and reliability. 
Yeung's Diamond Co offers you only the best, with joy and passion wheter you are in Antwerp, in Shanghai or in Hong Kong.



New Service!

A new Service has been added consisting in layout of matching pairs for Three-Stones Jewelries. below are a few samples of what we can provide you to successfully create positive answers from the end-consumers! 

We carry all different shapes, colours, clarity and sizes, and if you need, we can tailor made the pair you need.








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